Do you really make these items?

YES! I make a majority of the pen blanks you see on this site right in my wood shop in Elkhorn, Nebraska, USA. Using material such as a pressure pot, a vacuum chamber, multiple casting molds, and a variety of casting resins, nearly everything on this site is made by me.  The exception is the "designer pen blanks", which I source from a variety of locations. 

Custom and personalized orders

I may be able to customize pen blanks for you if you need something special.  There may be a slight difference in cost if the material you are requesting is more expensive than the material I have on hand.  Some woods are not as expensive as others, or if you need a specific type of resin used that I don't have on hand, I'll need to order it ahead of time in order to make your special request.  Just contact me.

Sizing details

Most of the pen blanks on this site are relatively uniform in shape and size.  There may be slight variations here and there, but rest assured that if there is a blank on this site, it's because I made it to work with almost any pen tubes available.  You can turn skinny slimline pens or big, chunky cigar pens from almost every blank on this site.  Exceptions are usually limited to pre-tubed or label cast pen blanks, which are the size of as specific kit's tube.  An example would be a label cast 2nd Amendment blank, where it was cast in a Sierra style kit's tube and will fit any kit that uses the same type of tube.

Care instructions

Caring for pen blanks is pretty straight forward.  Use sharp drill bits and carefully drill your tube holes.  When turning, use sharp tools and gentle touches.  If you blow out a pen blank from being too agressive, I can't control that.  So just like any other blank you'd get from any other creator, be cautious, take care, and you'll soon have a beautiful pen you've turned with a blank from PenBlankSales.com.

Avoid acetone, vinagar, or any other material that would normally have a negative effect on resin pen blanks or hybrid pen blanks.

Wholesale availability

Unfortunately, no. I am one man in one small shop making pieces every few days. I do not have a factory and I do not mass produce items. They are all custom, unique, and hand made by me.

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