About Pen Blank Sales

As a pen turner myself, I began making my own pen blanksabout pen bank sales and quickly found a lot of love for them on my shop at MyWood.Shop and on Etsy! I got marked as a favorite by many and have a nearly perfect 5 star review history (yes that one 4/5 star review still drives me nuts). Completed pens make up a bulk of my success, though in recent months my custom pen blanks have began to grow in popularity and are now outnumbering my finished pen sales!

In order to help pen turners easily find awesome pen blanks, I decided to open this store and focus on all of the blanks I make. Along with amazing pen blanks, I also have call blanks, label cast blanks, ring blanks, and even knife scales.

I'm sure you'll find something you love her at Pen Blank Sales. If you have a special request, send me a message! I have a nice network of wood guys who can provide material for a custom hybrid pen blanks and I'm sure I can make you whatever it is you're looking for at great prices. Thanks for visiting Pen Blank Sales!