A little bit about finishing a pen

I've had a few customers ask about finishes for the pen blanks I've made. I put together a few quick videos to help out.  Please don't complain about my shop being messy, I know...I know....  I've been busy, I've turned 9 pens in the last 2 days and haven't cleaned anything.

Also, it's filmed on my phone so this is not the best of quality.  It's just on the fly informational.  

 In the first video, a customer had sent over a picture of a blank sanded to 220.  So I discuss the use of higher grits, micromesh, the use of CA, friction polish (shine juice), and I also show a bit of Eddy Stone's diamond polishing paste.

 In this second video, I thought it might be a good idea to show the shine juice in action since a lot of folks prefer wood over the resin and hybrid pen blanks (for some reason!).  Here, it's more about the application and the effect you get when applied to something like a stabilized figured maple pen blank.  

I hope this was helpful to someone down the line just starting out in pen turning. There are far better videos and tutorials on YouTube but if you've watched this, you at least now know some of the terminologies and can search for the better material.  Thanks!